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SELF STAND CARRY(FDMTL x master-piece)


SELF STAND CARRY(FDMTL x master-piece)


This product can only be shipped to Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan.

<Handling precautions>
-Please note that the pattern of the print may differ depending on the area of use.
-If the main fabric is left wet for a long time, the coating on the back may peel off and cause deterioration, so please be sure to dry it before storing it.
-There may be slight color difference in the leather.
-Getting wet in the rain or water can cause stains or discoloration. Please remove the moisture promptly, if it gets wet.
-The water repellent treatment is applied to the surface, so its effectiveness may decrease over time due to friction and other factors. In addition, the water repellent power may be lost due to dust and other dirt adhering to the fabric.
-After use, it is recommended to remove dirt with a brush or other means and use a commercially available water repellent spray frequently.
This capsule collection is made in China. Please note that the product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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SKU 02639-FD
Size Details

HEIGHT:770mm / WITH HOOD:1250mm
Fits 47 in

More Information
More Information
SKU 02639-FD
Material 600d Polyester ox(sublimation transfer print), Cow leather
Country of Manufacture China
Color NAVY